This project is about you.

Whether you dance on a stage, in a nightclub, or only in your bedroom, this project is all about you. Regardless of your age, range of motion, body type, years of experience or style of dance, you are invited to participate in How Philly Moves.

How Philly Moves began as a project of JJ Tiziou Photography in 2008. While there have been many expressions of the project, it remains at it’s core about one simple thing: community dance photo sessions that create a welcoming and safe space where anyone who identifies as a Philadelphian who loves to dance is free to move however they please and ll are celebrated in the same light.

Through the images created in this series, we can start to get a glimpse both of the amazing diversity of our city, and the bond of our shared humanity and love of movement.

The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program selected How Philly Moves as part of its gateways initiative.  This extraordinary new work of community-based public art has culminated in a dynamic and iconic new postcard image for Philadelphia: a nearly 85,000 square foot mural across the facade of the Philadelphia International Airport’s parking garage installed in spring 2011, accompanied by a digital projection project at The Kimmel Center during the 2011 Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts and a permanent exhibit in the B/C baggage claim.

Explore this site to find out more about the philosophy behind the projectthe photo shoots or the mural project, or check out the latest news. If you’d like to hear about the project as it evolves or be involved in a future shoot, make sure to get on the mailing list.