The preliminary phases of this project have involved eight days of photo sessions, during which I photographed over 170 dancers. Rather than giving them directions, I invite participants to move however they would like for ten minutes each. The images are created in response to their movements through an improvised duet that evolves between photographer and subject. By letting them dance rather than holding poses, and mixing my movement with that of the dancer, I create images with a mix of sharpness and blur with the goal of capturing the genuine energy of their dance.

How Philly Moves has been selected by the City of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program as the basis for the creation of a 50,000 square foot mural that will span half a mile of parking structures at the Philadelphia International Airport, due to install in the spring of 2011. Dance and photography are both universal communication techniques that transcend language barriers; it seems only natural to pair them in the creation of public art.

As this project moves forward, I’m looking for partners to help share these images and make more photo sessions happen. If you’d like to work with me to help continue this celebration, please get in touch.