Everyone is photogenic and everyone can dance.

These two simple truths inform How Philly Moves – a photographic project that uses the shared joy of movement to illuminate our common humanity and celebrate our community.

How Philly Moves is not about celebrity; there is no competition. Each and every participant is perfect. Young or old, whether on a stage or only in a private secluded moment, each and every one of us has felt the urge to move. For this project, I use Philadelphians as my subjects, inviting them to participate in community photo sessions where the only requirement is that they self-identify as a Philly dancer.

The joy of dance is easy to share; it is infectious, universal, and accessible to all. This series is not about a foreign, exotic subject; it is about appreciating the beauty that is all around us but sometimes goes unnoticed. It is about seeing ourselves amidst these dancers and realizing that we fit right in.