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The return of How Philly Moves!

How Philly Moves

After a short hiatus, JJ Tiziou Photography is continuing the How Philly Moves series with a new round of community dance photo sessions open to all Philadelphians who love to dance.

Participants of any age, any style, and language and any walk of life are encouraged to be a part of this project. Please sign up now, and help us reach others across the city.


Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal features story of How Philly Moves

How Philly Moves: New Possibilities in Community-based Public Art was published in the special Spring Arts & Culture issue of the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal.

This article by HPM creator JJ Tiziou discusses the story of the project, how it is continuing to transform his photographic practice and what new possibilities it hints at for the future.

Click here for the full article, or find more exciting appearances of How Philly Moves in the news in the press section.


Friday morning session…

One of the critical things in the How Philly Moves photo sessions is making sure that every participant is completely comfortable, so we started with fewer participants on Friday to leave room to iron out any kinks and make sure that logistics on-site were running really smoothly.

Below are a few images from that first group, and even with just this first set you can start to get a sense of what a beautiful range of people shared their movements with us in that amazing weekend. Hope that you enjoy them…


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